100 Days of Unfinished Projects

I am a serial project starter. I find way more joy in the start and the end of projects but loathe the in between. Thus, I am left with a list of unfinished projects hanging over my head, haunting me.

Realizing my shortcoming, as I rang in the new year, I set a goal for myself for 2018:

Finish unfinished projects.

This was an easy choice for me mainly because I already have a list of things that need to be finished, but also because of the anxiety I feel by having so many unfinished projects on the go!

What is the 100 day project?

You can find out more here. But to summarize, the purpose of the project is to stimulate creativity through regular actions. You select a creative action that you will do everyday for 100 days and then you post about it on social media.

So, for 100 days, I am going to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day on finishing my already started projects. A lot of my projects will take multiple days to complete, but my focus is to plug away at them a little bit every day. And hopefully at the end of the project my list will have dwindled. I am going to document my journey through Instagram, so feel free to follow along.

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