A Vintage Afghan

Well I have made it past the two week point in the #100dayproject. I have surprised myself staying so committed. I haven’t been the best at posting about my everyday creativeness, but I have been working away very hard at tackling some of my unfinished projects. I am prepping for a handmade market in the next few weeks, so I am using some of that to count towards my #100unfinishedprojects, as I have been trying to get more products made for ages. So, it qualifies.

Anyway, as part of my #100unfinishedprojects, I have already completed one – a vintage inspired afghan that I knit from my grandmother’s yarn and old pattern! Anyone who lived through or knows someone who lived through the 70s should be familiar with it.

This is the pattern from my grandmother I used.

At the time I started this (2 years ago) I didn’t own circular needs, so I had to knit it in three panels. I’m also pretty sure that I used different needles for the third panel. You’ll see why in a second.

Final panel complete!


It was so cozy knitting this panel – especially in our extended winter!

All three panels stitched together

Sorry this picture is so dark, but see how wonky the middle panel is? That’s the one I did last – with apparently different needles.

Oh well, it’s done. That’s all that matters. Well that and the fact that it is the coziest thing ever.


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