Design: Fresh Spring Skirt

It’s a lot of fun updating this site as I get to hunt through all my project pictures from the last few years and post the exciting ones.

Last year, while I was still in Migori, I was walking through the market one day and happened to find some pretty amazing fabric. It is from a cotton wax print (very popular there) from Uganda. The best part? It came with a great purple lining. So, I took it home and started to cut pieces to make a skirt.

This project I made completely from scratch. I didn’t create any pattern pieces, so it was a lot of trial and error (and one of a kind!) I can’t wait for spring/summer this year to be able to wear it out!

I am not thoroughly impressed with the length, but it was a must in Kenya to keep it this long. I might have to adjust it to re-wear.

Check it out:

A-line skirt design made with wax cotton print from Uganda
Paneled a-line skirt design made with wax cotton print from Uganda
Close up

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