One Vibe Africa You may have noticed that a portion of the profits from any East African inspired products will be donated to One Vibe Africa to support youth programs in the slums of Kisumu, Kenya. What is One Vibe Africa you ask?

While I was in Kenya I was quite fortunate to have stumbled upon One Vibe Africa.  They were holding a reggae concert in the beautiful town of Kisumu, so I, being the awesome event planner that I am and loving the Kenyan reggae scene, contacted them to see if they needed help. And so it began!

This amazing organization is committed to further developing (which is already in progress) a youth arts and music mentorship program that will give the youth who live in the Manyatta slums in Kisumu and outlet to express themselves instead of getting involved in drugs and gangs.

One Vibe Africa inspires youth to realize their full potential by engaging them to promote, present, and preserve diversity and culture through arts, education, and technology.

One Vibe Africa is committed to creating a safe space for youth to gather, inspire each other, connect, share ideas, get jobs, contribute to global issues, and realize their full potential.

With your help, and mine, I know that they will be able to achieve amazing things in the future.

Please check out their website for lots of more information on their programs and events: