The Story

What is all that is pretty?

Good question.

To me, all that is pretty is about being unique, fun, and creative. Because that’s what I am. Life should be fun. We should all be unique and not try to fit in a single mold and I believe we all need to be creative in some kind of way. Oh and yes, we should own some nice things. Not in a materialistic way, but in a way where the nice things have actual meaning to you. I like things that tell a story, because we all have our own stories to tell. And all that is pretty is my story.

I started my career working in marketing, sponsorship and events. I loved it. I spent six years working in really cool jobs, gaining amazing new experience, travelling all over the country and generally having the time of my life. And then, because I like to live on the edge, I gave it all up and moved to Kenya to volunteer for two years. It wasn’t until I moved to Kenya that I realized something was missing from my life and I really needed an outlet to be creative. I’ve always had a thing for fashion and sewing and before I knew it, I was collecting beautiful fabrics from around Africa and making a quilt! Yes, that happened. So in order to further surround myself with all the of the amazing textiles after I completed my contract, I did what anyone else would do…I started to make things out of them. You can’t tell me that’s not what you would have done 😉

So anyway, there you have it!

all that is pretty