#the100dayproject 2020 Kick Off

Tomorrow (technically today!) kicks off the start of The 100 Day Project. I first came across this project a few years ago and have made a few attempts at participating in the past. I think both times I attempted 100 days of completing unfinished projects.

When I sat down to think about whether I wanted to participate this year and what my focus should/could be, I was drawn back to all of the WIPs I’ve started. Given everything that is going on with COVID-19 right now, I figured it was a good year to try and complete the 100 days. Perhaps by the end of the project, things will have gone back to normal (or a fraction thereof) – so, something to focus on.

With my new craft room all set up (I should write a post about that soon) in our new basement, I took some time to catalogue some of the projects I have started, but not finished. Below is a brief overview of where I am going to start with this project – there are so many more beautiful projects waiting to be completed than just these, but I wanted to get started with a smaller chunk, so as to not overwhelm myself.

Below is a highlight of the first few items I am going to be working on for #The100DayProject.

Denim Jacket

Pattern: Alina Designs
Material: My dad’s repurposed jeans

Knitted Poncho

Pattern: Lion’s Brand Poncho
Material: Lion’s Brand Lion’s Pride Woolspun

Pillow Covers

Pattern: self drafted
Material: A Finnish textile I picked up a few years ago

Well those are just a couple of the projects I will be working on this week as part of my #100daysunfinishedprojects challenge.