Finished Project: Lakeside Coatigan

Finished Lakeside Coatigan

Ah, the Lakeside Coatigan. In January 2022, I was really feeling a crochet project that I could work on throughout the year. I came across the Lakeside Coatigan by Coco Crochet Lee and decided that it would be a great project to work on for the year. It was set up as a CAL in the Fall of 2021, but I missed the boat on that. Anyway, the Lakeside Coatigan is essentially a long cardigan assembled out of granny squares. Think duster jacket length, with granny charm


I should have put a little more thought into this project before running off to the store for new yarn. I found this cool speckled yarn by Brent Premium yarns that I loved and picked out some coordinating colours.


The Lakeside Coatigan pattern for the squares was easy enough. It was just a simple granny squares in alternating colours. I chose to do the Large so I needed approximately 84 squares. Powering away on these throughout the year, I started assembly of the squares around October. I got the pieces all put together and then got very confused by the seaming instructions. The seams of the squares just didn’t line up with one another. There was an extra square under the armpit and my brain could not figure out how to gather them enough to make them fit. Or rather, my brain did not want to comprehend. To be fair, the pattern did outline that for sizes Large and up, the squares wouldn’t line up and you would need to gather under the arms. Lesson learned: read through the pattern in detail before starting a project.

While I was finishing up the squares, I kind of fell out of love with the colours, the yarn and the pattern pretty quickly. As a result, I lost motivation to seam it so I handed it over to a friend and she took care of that for me.

Unsure of what I was going to do with this project, I powered through and finished weaving in all the ends. I ended up gifting this to my younger sister because I knew I just wouldn’t wear it. She tells me she loves it.


The final project turned out ok. It was really big and baggy and I even left off an extra row of squares around the bottom. I definitely learned a few lessons with this one:

  1. I don’t like larger granny squares unless in an afghan
  2. I need to really think about chosen colour palettes
  3. It’s ok to not like a project I have finished and to find a worthy recipient of it

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