FINISHED PROJECT: The Weekender Light

FINISHED PROJECT: The Weekender Light

This finished Weekender Light has been a finished project for quite some time. I actually forgot to update my Ravelry project page when it was done, but it was sometime in 2023. I randomly decided to cast this on in January 2023, at 36 weeks pregnant thinking I’d have loads of time on the two weeks I took off early for my mat leave. Surprise – I didn’t.



A common theme for me, I had a whole bunch of yarn in my stash and wanted to use it for something. For The Weekender Light, I used Knit Picks Palette Twist in a marled grey/white. I am not sure of the colour way. I really need to get better at recording these things. I’ll blame it on the pregnancy brain. Anyway, this yarn is awesome. It is light, yet warm and blocks so nicely. And it comes in SO many colours!

The Pattern

This pattern is the Weekender Light by Andrea Mowry. I’ve had the pattern for a while and have been wanting to make it for ages. I’m so glad I finally did. The pattern is fantastic and I pretty much knit size 4 without any changes other than the neckline. To be transparent, I did knit about 40% of The Weekender (not the light version) and I couldn’t fit it over my giant head. So for this one, I made the neck hole opening larger.

The Weekender Light is a really simple sweater pattern and is knit in the round. It has a fun little detail up the middle of the front and back. You actually knit it inside out, as the purl side is meant to be the right side, which I like the look of. As a very hip-y lady, I love a split hem band so this was one of my favourite details of the pattern. Again, this was a very simple pattern and very well written. I would highly recommend if you are looking to make a sweater but want something fairly simple.

Finished Object

As for the finished object, I’m pretty happy with it. I learned a few things that I will change for the next time I make it. First, over time, the yarn I used has kinda stretched out. So the sweater is getting more wide than it first was. I will say that this is my most worn knit so I don’t know if that had something to do with the stretching. Second, I will either keep the size of the neck opening as written in the pattern or I won’t change it by much. My finished Weekender Light kind of has a boat-neck style neck now and I don’t love that. But that being said, it’s still one of my favourite sweaters I’ve made.

Front view image of a model wearing the finished project The Weekender Light
Front view
Back view image of a model wearing the finished project The Weekender Light
Rear view 😉

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