Pattern Test of the Arrowhead Wrap

Pattern Test of the Arrowhead Wrap

My first foray into Tunisian crochet was a pattern test of the Arrowhead Wrap for Alea of Scarving Artist Knits. This was an absolute gem of a pattern! It was Alea’s first Tunisian crochet pattern and she did such a fantastic job. It only used two stitches so was super simple to pick up.

I inherited a lot of knitting supplies from my grandmother. Amongst a stack of needles was this funny knitting needle/crochet hook tool that I could never identify. Turns out – it’s a Tunisian crochet hook! I purchased a set off Amazon, as this project was wider than my grandmother’s hook would allow me to work. Tunisian crochet sets can be expensive, but since I am just learning, I got this one.

If you haven’t heard of Tunisian crochet before, I like to describe it as if knitting and crochet made a baby.



I randomly picked up some Bernat Softee Baby (DK weight) while on our beach/camping getaway this summer. It was hugely discounted and came in the brightest, yet softest blue and pink colours. So I used this as my inspiration. The pattern calls for five different colours, but I decided to just add two neutral colours and let the blue and pink be the stars! I went with a grey and white to tie it all together. The yarn is acrylic so it will be easy to care for – which is essential for me!


I cannot believe how amazingly simple this pattern test of the Arrowhead Wrap was while still delivering an intricate and detailed final stitch look. The first section is done in the Arrowhead stitch and then it is just Tunisian simple stitch with some pretty diamond details in it. It was designed to be an oversized wrap and is perfect for chilly Fall days (or end of summer by the campfire). It has still been relatively mild here, so I haven’t had a chance to wear it much, but I think it will come in very handy for the winter. You can find the Arrowhead Wrap pattern here.


Alea was super amazing hosting the test and I really enjoyed the group of testers. I will admit I was a little intimidated by Tunisian crochet at the beginning, but after a few quick tutorial videos, I hit the ground running.

Finished pattern test of the arrowhead wrap displayed over the door of an antique armoire
Finished wrap on display
Maker modelling finished pattern test of the arrowhead wrap in a sun porch
The Arrowhead Wrap in all its glory!
Maker modelling finished pattern test of the Arrowhead Wrap in sun porch

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