Pattern Test of the Chase Sweater

Last year, I was selected as a pattern tester for the Chase Sweater by Celine Korner. It is a men’s crochet sweater pattern and I was really drawn to the colour blocking aspect of it. I would classify this as a ‘euro fit’ sweater (read: slimmer fit) so I had a little bit of fit issues on my husband, who has broad shoulders, but in the end it turned out ok.



Initially, this was supposed to be a stash buster to use up some of my Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn that I stocked up on last year. But it turns out hubby didn’t want a multi-striped sweater. If he was going to wear it, it better be something he liked. I went with Lion Brand Wool Ease but in two colour ways: slate grey and mustard yellow. I am really in love with mustard yellow these days and I have a hat that matches!


The pattern designer of the Chase Sweater is from Sweden so I think there were some differences in the way the pattern was initially written that didn’t make sense to me. But after reading it thoroughly and asking some questions I was good to go. I knew this would be a good challenge for me because I am not a strong crocheter. Never having made a men’s garment before, I was happy to take on the challenge. I struggled with crocheting in the round without a noticeable seam for the first three inches, but then I found this tutorial that helped me. My next challenge was not having my cuffs and collar warp on me. A quick note to the pattern designer and this was solved. I was just forgetting to skip a stitch at the beginning.


I must say, I really had my doubts with this one and whether my husband would actually like it AND wear it. But it has already gotten some good use! He wore it almost exclusively over the holidays and when we go out. Which isn’t really often. ha ha. But he does truly love it. The only problem is he won’t stop asking me when he gets another sweater. I’ve told him he had to wait six years for his first, so probably in 2028.

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