Pattern Test: The Hobbii Pullover

Pattern Test: The Hobbii Pullover


I have just finished my second test pattern: The Hobbii Pullover. Designed by fellow Canadian, Lee from CocoCrochetLee, this is a pullover design with some volume in the sleeves and worked up in a colour block with Hobbii Unicorn yarn – a fingering weight wool blend. I love a good colour block, (see my Lillian Cardigan by Two fo Wands) so I was really excited about this one!

The Details


Hobbii is based out of Copenhagen and carries so amazing yarns at great prices. I haven’t ordered their yarn before as I’ve read reviews about additional duties and taxes. At this point, I don’t want to fork over the extra money to have it delivered to Canada. I will one day though, because their yarn looks amazing and they have great sales! Instead, I wandered over to my local Michaels and found the most perfect substitute – Loops & Threads Woollike. It is the softest, most luxurious acrylic yarn I have ever laid my hands on. 85% acrylic and 15% nylon, and available in a wide variety of colours, I knew this would be a perfect substitute. Best part? It says it is machine washable! I don’t know if I will ever be ballsy enough to throw a handmade garment into the washing machine!

Maker modelling the finished Hobbii Pullover in ochre, grey and teal

I stuck with very similar colours that Lee used in her sample: Cool Grey, Teal Lake and Golden Yellow. For some reason, I have been a little obsessed with ochre tones this year!


This patten hasn’t released yet, so I can’t divulge too many details, but I couldn’t wait to not post an update about it. The pattern stitches used are relatively simple and work up pretty quick given this is fingering weight. Some construction is required for this pattern, it is crocheted in panels and seamed together afterwards, but it is pretty straightforward.

Here are a couple of WIP (work-in-progress) shots of the Hobbii Pullover.

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the testing process for pattern designers. I am not sure if I will ever get into designing my own patterns, but testing others’ sure is a lot of fun! Plus, I’m going through a lot of my stash – just kidding, I just keep buying more yarn!

While working on this, I was convinced that this was going to be way too small. It just wasn’t giving me the length that I wanted. However, after the seaming was complete, it got immediately blocked. Blocking is basically giving it a bath and stretching it out to size. OH EM GEE, does this yarn ever stretch when blocked! I wasn’t sure what it would do, because of the acrylic blend, but I was so happy that I could stretch it so easily to get the size and shape I wanted out of this!

Finished Project

Image of maker wearing finished colour blocked crochet pullover in teal, grey and ochre.
Me in my modelling glory!
Back view of maker in finished crochet pullover in teal, ochre and grey

I absolutely love this sweater. I am not drawn towards crocheted sweaters that you need to wear something underneath, but this Hobbii Pullover is fun and funky but also delicate. The drape on the yarn is perfect and the sweater is lightweight enough for a cool summer evening but will also keep me warm in the Fall/Winter. I can’t wait for this disgusting heat wave here in Ontario to pass so that I can take this beauty out on the town!

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