The Throwover Part 1

The Throwover Part 1

I have been oogling Instagram posts of Drea Renee Knits for over a year now. Saving all the posts for future projects. Well, I came across a sale too good to turn down and bought a few patterns. I was most excited about The Throwover sweater because it was written for worsted weight yarn. See how awesome this is?

Image of The Throwover sweater from
The Throwover: I love the simple complexity of this colour work.

And I have A LOT of worsted weight yarn in my stash! I have inherited a lot of yarn from grandmas who liked a good sale. But mostly all of it is worsted weight or sock yarn! I probably have enough for 20 sweaters here.

Anyway, I bought The Throwover pattern and of course, it sat there. I had a mad scramble at the beginning of 2021 to get all of my WIPs finished before I started anything else because they were just stressing me out. But I kept dreaming about the amazing colour work that I’d be able to bust our my yarn stash for. Back in early March, my step-father passed away and I was itching for something new to distract myself. At the same time a KAL for DRKnits popped up in my Instagram feed. It was more than a month long AND we could knit anything we wanted! The timing couldn’t have been better. I immediately cast on my sweater and made some pretty amazing progress the first week. Interesting what the mind/body can accomplish when it is craving a distraction.

Cast on sweater with colour palette of yarns
off to the races with this amazing colour palette

I had some people question the colours I chose before they were able to see it work up. I learned to always trust my gut, because this combo is amazing! I ended up donating/giving away the bulk of the neon orange, but had one skein left in my stash and it is absolutely perfect!

All done with the colour work
Close up of finished yoke of sweater with a tea in hand
Taking a tea break to admire all my hard work so far
View from afar. This is going to look so good on!

I haven’t quite finished it – I’m stuck on sleeve island right now and I also took a break to work on another project that is launching very soon (stay tuned!), but I will get back to it next week! With the worsted weight yarn, it knits up pretty quickly and I am excited to soon have another sweater to add to my chilly spring evenings.

I can’t wait to get back to this project!


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