Vintage Vibes Cake

Vintage Vibes Cake

I like to bake. For anyone who knows me – this is not a surprise. I would classify myself as a beginner baker, with a major complex. Naturally, as I do with everything in life, I find something I want to do and then find the most complicated way to do it. I have never been blamed for taking the easy way out. Except by my father for majoring in Marketing and not Finance so I could be like him. haha

Anyway, I have been making my nephew cakes and treats for a few years now. The first year, it was a mad science theme, the next it was Zelda. Well this year, I was super stoked to learn that he wanted a Pac Man cake! Amazing…two things I love – vintage and sugar.

New to fondant, I usually try to attempt the most intricate design possible in as short of time possible. Which results in me spending 15 consecutive hours trying to master something well beyond my skill level. And well, I mostly pull it off.

This year’s creation featured boxed cake (I like to invest more in aesthetics and my nephew has no complaints) – I think a mix of vanilla and chocolate, but let’s be honest, it was pre-pandemic times, so I have no idea.

You ready for it?

Here is the Pac Man cake:

This one was mostly buttercream, with some fondant accents. I need to practice my lettering, but not to shabby. And my nephew was pretty stoked!

Another cake in the bag.

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