The Throwover Sweater

The Throwover Sweater

The Throwover Sweater is complete! I was so excited about this make that I blogged about it early (Part 1 here). When I came across the the Drea Renee Knits March to May knit a long, I knew this would be perfect. This was my first knit-a-long and I really enjoyed it. Andrew Mowry’s knitting patterns are the best! I have since purchased quite a few more, and got good starts on both the Sparks socks and the Weekender. But more about those later!

Pattern: The Throwover Sweater by Andrea Mowry
Yarn: Bernat Satin

At the time of my first post, I was about halfway done the body. Well the rest of it went super quick. I was knitting this up in worsted weight, so it went pretty quickly. Some were skeptical about the colour choices in this one, but deep down in my creative heart, I just knew that they would look fantastic.

And I wasn’t wrong!

multicoloured sweater folded and sitting on the floor
Doesn’t this look like it belongs on your shelf?

Ok, blocking knitted projects is my achilles. I do not enjoy it at all. I blocked this sweater almost immediately, because I was so excited to wear it. The yarn is described as a luxury acrylic yarn with a satiny soft finish, and they are true to their word. I’m not sure how well it will wear, but I don’t care because it feels like silk on my skin. My crochety sensitive skin can’t complain about this hand knit gem.

Also, another confession. I don’t gauge swatch. For any of you non-knitters out there, a gauge swatch is a test piece (usually 4″x4″) that you do to test the finished size of a pattern. It’s just not my thing. I am too impatient to test anything. Same reason I don’t do muslins when sewing. I just dive into things throwing my faith to the size-gods. And did it ever turn out in my favour on this one!

author wearing hand knit sweater

This was also only the second colourwork sweater I have done, so I am still working on my float tension in between colours. But I think I was uber-aware of it this time, so I got minimal puckering and it all shaped out when I blocked it.

The patten is knit from top to bottom so I had the opportunity to adjust the length of the body and the sleeves as I worked on it. I did add a couple of inches to the body, otherwise I think it might have ended up as a crop top, which is not my jam.

author wearing hand knit sweater
I’m really trying to work on my modeling skills. It’s a good thing I have a day job!

This is absolutely the dreamiest sweater I have ever owned. I showed it of yesterday and actually have orders to make three more of these. AND I am excited, because it was so much fun to knit.

handknit sweater hanging on door of vintage armoire

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